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Mission critical DevOps support for ecommerce and SaaS

From 0 to 323,000 users, twice.

Want to know how we helped Fat Face deliver two of their most successful competitions ever with 100% uptime and only a week to build?

Find out!

Your sidekicks, not just suppliers

When you work with Lumiserv, you’re joined into one of our worldwide pods. They’re less than 10 people, so this means you know all the people working with you, and they know you. Context is maintained, support is faster and friction is reduced. 

Our pods are all location independent and based around the world, so you have the most resilient, available and responsive team of experts on your side.


Whether you need an entirely new environment for your great idea, or technical debt is holding your company back from reaching it’s potential, we’ll make your migration to the cloud pain free.

Managed Services

Getting the best out of your equipment isn’t easy. Our managed services take that hassle away so you can get back to doing what you do best. Sleep better at night knowing we are watching your business for your 24/7.

Cloud Infrastructure

Custom infrastructure in the cloud; servers, firewalls, load balancers and databases all working in harmony. To support tiny startups to large corporations. Need something smaller? Try our business class hosting and cloud servers.

Essential Web Services

You know your website is an important part of your business. Make sure you’re covering all the basics with our mix and match range. From SSL certification to backups and recovery, we’ve got your back.


I am very grateful for the service provided by Lumiserv. I’m partly grateful because I don’t think about them often. I don’t need to. I’ve not had any service disruptions. And if I have a request or a question, they are quick to reply and resolve it. Rad and the team are friendly and available when I need them, and best of all manage our website server and emails in the background without any problems. That’s valuable to me.

Andy Brown, Director
Think Create Do

Your outsourced in house experts.

Whether it’s time spent worrying about your ecommerce hosting or your big data server. It’s all time you could be building your business. Think of us as outsourced, in-house Cloud Specialists – we’re part of the team. Your team.
Come to the cloud and let us take away the risk for you. From AWS to Azure, we’re experts. Whatever you want, or more importantly whatever your business needs, we can build it. Then we’ll manage it for you too – so you needn’t worry about a thing.

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You shouldn’t have to know the jargon to get a good service.
At Lumiserv we’re all geek translators. So whatever language you speak, we’re speaking the same.


You don’t want a 3am wake-up call because your system’s gone down, and nor do we.
Reliability and resilience comes as standard with us, we’re just built that way.


Why should you have to choose between quality and quantity? We don’t do things on the cheap, but we are still affordable. Allowing you to buy only what you need, when you need it.


Want second to none service?
Our managed packages make other providers look distinctly average. Whatever the weather, we’ll be there with you – no quibbles.

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